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Help! Small bumps on back of hand - caused by Accutane?

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I'm 10 weeks into my accutane treatment and my dermatologist just upped my dosage. But I just noticed these bumps on the back of my hand!! Wtf is this tell me it's not eczema ugh man

Thats my left hand and those are cat scratches. :)

But seriously has anyone else had this side effect? They weren't itchy until I read someone say they were itchy and now I think I'm just imagining it to be itchy. They're tiny and hardly noticeable.

Thank you so much in advance for any replies I might receive. It's a big help!



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3 hours ago, FemaleOnAccutane said:

I got them too!  My derm said it was eczema and prescribed an ointment that really helped. 

But I thought eczema is chronic - so it never goes away or will consistently pop up throughout your life? Is that the same case? Or is it just caused by accutane and once we're off of the drug it will go away? I don't want to be stuck with a different skin issue because I was trying to solve the initial one. :(

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Not true. These bumps are one of the most common side effect and will go away with good moisturizing and should stay away after you get off accutane. 

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