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Comment on my regimen

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21, male, tan/asian american skin

On Retin-A 0.025% and tetracycline twice a day...Been on this since the end of November 2002

1) Wash off Retin-A from previous night's sleep with warm water

2) Apply on Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturizer (Salicylic Acid included)

3) Conceal with Maybelline EverFresh makeup (SPF 14, Oil-free)

4) Wash off makeup with plain Dial soap (white, mild fragrance)

5) Apply Retin-A and go to bed.

Most of my acne can be found around my temples and jawline, and of course some on my cheeks...Clearness of complexion fluctuates and is fickle- During the months of Jan and Feb, I was doing OK and gotten rid of majority of acne...now it's coming back :P

Suggestions? Changes? Comments? Anything? Thanks!

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You might want to cut out the moisturizer with Salicylic Acid for a while and see if it makes a difference. I was using a foundation with Salicyclic Acid and recently changed to one that was designed more for sensitive skin and it helped immediately. Of course, I might just be incredibly sensitive toward this stuff, even with the amounts found in make-up. But if you don't have any problems with it, then don't bother.

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