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Espresso OK, but not drip coffee?

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I was curious as to whether anyone else has had this experience. I cut drip coffee out of my diet but allowed espresso drinks. My skin was perfect for nearly two months. I decided to get back together with coffee (I'm weak) and started breaking out again for the first time in ages. How can this be? Is it the acidity? I have my espresso with dairy, but not drip coffee, so I know it's not that.

Any input/ideas are much appreciated!

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I am interested in your post,I live in the UK  so products and coffee shops probably have different names,
but me and my daughter avoid certain coffee shops, but both of us are allergic/intolerant to coffee granules,
I have looked for your posts or pics but can't find the severity of your acne,
me and daughter suffer from isolated cystic spots and the rest of our face is a glowing complexion, how about you ?
luckily 35 years ago I found out what caused my cystic spots so haven't suffered all my life and my daughter isn't now going through the despair I did as a young boy/man,but your certainly on the right track with coffee,


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Coffee Gooood..... *(in cookie monster voice)
Lol honestly I have no idea why that would be happening... how weird!
But hey, if you have found something to keep you clear then run with it! At least you can still have a type of coffee :) Imagine if it were all coffee - eek!

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