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What kind of acne is this and how can I treat it?

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So... I'm 22 now and used to have perfect skin, but for the past year or so I have suddenly started getting really swollen, inflamed acne, particularly on my cheeks. Normally, during an outbreak I have 1-3 of these pimples at one time. Once I had five. My skin could be a lot worse, but it's more upsetting because they leave red marks which takes months to fade... and considering I get these outbreaks pretty regularly (my skin is never completely clear), I have a lot of them, so I feel self-conscious without make-up. The acne itself is painful, burning and is just like an inflamed lump on my skin which rarely comes to a head. It also feels very hard to touch and is red and swollen. I have uploaded a picture of one of these pimples (on quite a good day). I'm on the pill Yasmin and all I do is use aspirin masks, I use a gentle face wash and that's all. Why is my skin being like this? What could be the causes and what kind of pimple/acne is it?


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Welcome to the world of adult acne.  It is quite common for women to get their first bout of acne as adults so don't worry.  No one can tell you why YOU get acne but there are options.

diet changes (dairy free, less carbs, more veggies, less processed foods)
pharmaceuticals (retinoids, bp)
orals (birth control and spiro)

Since you get so little acne, i would recommend starting with diet changes first then work your way up

Good Luck.

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Thank you so much for your informative response :) I am currently on the pill Yasmin (hoping to combat these deep, painful pimples), but I will also take into consideration my diet and see if simple changes make a difference. I just hope there's a solution soon, I am fortunate that my acne isn't as bad as some people, but the discomfort and the marks it leaves on my skin for months is just pretty upsetting. Thank you xxx

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It seems that if acne is going to start 15 is the age,mine did and my daughter and son,but despite these huge spots we had a healthy complexion,BUT I found out what triggered it and so halted it in it's tracks for them, I had a 10 year nightmare,it started around the nose and like you we all had a healthy complexion like you apart from 1 or 2 cystic spots.
So you can consider my e mail which might or might not be your problem or hope you find another cure or accept the fact that acne is going to control your life for many years, BUT you are doing the best thing,that is to prevent it,that's how my family stay spot free to this day.

My families spots are caused by chemical additives in packet food,sauces,soups,drinks,tablets, some of the ingredients are
   Monosodium Glutamate, Hydrolyzed Corn, Soy Protein, Maltodextrin, Sugar, Dehydrated Soy Sauce , Soya Lecithin, Potassium Carbonate, Sodium (Mono, Hexameta, and/or Tripoly) Phosphate, Sodium Carbonate, Turmeric, Silicon Dioxide (Anticaking Agent), Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, Lactose.

So we avoid anything that contains these chemicals and any products that has chemicals

Now we all know vegtables are good for us, so for example if I drank only tap water and ate nothing but 3 bowls of sprouts/cauliflower/spinach it would be so healthy for us but if I wanted some flavour with it and  mixed some gravy granules and poured over the vegtables I would be eating   Maltodextrin,, Niacin, Thiamin), Colour (E150c), flavourings , Flavour Enhancers (E621, E635), Emulsifier (E322) (contains Soya =   RESULT A HUGE CYSTIC SPOT, FACT

So I hope I can help you if you have the same allergy/intolerance as my family

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