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What stopped my acne

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Just going to get to the point, this is what work for me:

Washing face:
Caveman regimen for 1 week, not using anything on my skin
I then started to use just salt water with got rid of some of the redness
I then used just water, using Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturiser (as it contains no oils) if my face ever feels dry which it mostly doesn't

I just use a trimmer, no water no shaving cream etc

I avoided dairy for years, but still broke out fairly badly
I then went vegan, but was still eating unhealthy
I then only ate food that I have cooked with no oils. eat plenty of fruit and carbs
I drink a lot of water

I use a Holland & Barrett's Vegan multivitamins
Flaxseed oil for Omegas
Soy protein shakes

Touching my face, pillow cases etc:
I dab my face with a towel at the ends
I probably don't change my pillow case or towel as much as I should

This is just what worked for me, I cannot be bother to give the "reasons and science" behind it

If you disagree why not pop off to howmanyfucksdoesremigive.com/none

Thank you
and have a blessed day

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