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Did 30% TCA 6 days ago on complete neck and after peeling my neck is even more darker than before

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I am a 30 years old indian male, I got dark bands on my neck due to use of 4% hydroquinone and to reolve that issue, i did a 30% tca but it backfired and now I got hyper pigmented on complete neck. I am attaching some pics.Not sure if this is temporary or permanent and what options I have to resolve this. will this improve with time, does lasers help this? or any other peel I should do? Thanks.

Please please help.

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Do net ever use 30% tca on your neck! Your neck is way much more prone to scarring and other issues than your face is. 

Please do not use tca yourself if you did not educate yourself properly beforehand.

For now, go see a dermatologist. You may have done some serious damage.

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@alag35- Thank you for replying. Most of the area has scabbed away but I see  hyperpigmentation  after peeling. This is day 7, does the skin continue to correct itself for a few more days?
11 hours ago, alag35 said:

are u sure that these dark spots arent the scabs that didnt felt over yet?
30% tca peel kinda takes more than 6 days to heal and scab off 

Thank you for replying.  Based on what I have read and seen,  I applied the peel, may be my research was not thorough. I got carried away with the good results from the others. Now, at the same time, I do not believe I have done great damage, I have not scarred, its just the hyper-pigmentation, I am concerned about. I got  some pink skin also in some areas, will this eventually turn into normal skin color?

Please reply, Thank you!

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