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Bad scarring on chest and back. Dark spots on face

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Hi, I have had acne since I was 14, it started mildly but as I grew it became rather bad. I had cystic acne on my face which left dark spots on my face. I started lifting when I was about 18 and I got bad acne on my back and shoulders which left scars (see pictures). Last year I got terrible acne on my chest which left bad scarring, before it scarred over it was a bloody mess that would dry against my shirt and hurt terribly trying to shower because they were basically open wounds. Now that that is over I am left with terrible hypertrophic and atrophic scarring in the middle of my chest (see pictures). Accutane was wonderful for me it stopped me from breaking out and having bad cysts, now I am left with acne scars, which I just had a fraxel laser treatment done and left bruising which has healed (for the most part still some bruises), but from what I can tell hasn't really done anything except empty my wallet. I am looking for suggestions or any advice on what I should try. I have terrible confidence problems and won't take my shirt off in public, it is destroying my social life and am desperate.
Thanks, -M






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wow man that looks real bad..im sorry.. im not too knowledgeable on back and chest scarring so I rather not comment on it but I just had to comment and let you know I got bad scarring on my face only and I always thought its not a big deal if its on your chest and back but this proves me wrong

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I've had similar scarring on my chest, so I feel your pain. It's definitely a confidence killer and something that I wouldn't wish on anybody. Fortunately, I've had success with a few different treatments.

First, I suggest you talk to a dermatologist about getting steroid injections in the keloids/hypertrophic scars -- that should help to level and lighten them, as well as reduce any itchiness. I began receiving injections about 2 years ago and my keloids are now mostly skin-colored and flat. There is a slight textural difference between them and the surrounding skin, so they don't blend in flawlessly, but still -- there's been an amazing improvement. Each raised scar will likely require a series of injections -- the number will depend on how old your scars are and whether or not they respond readily to the steroids.

Second, I suggest you look into IPL laser if you have any extra cash. I had one session of this and it dramatically brought down the color of some of my more persistent keloids. I plan on having a second session done in a month or two. I really recommend concentrating on the steroid injections first, though, as IPL won't help to level the surface of the skin.

Third, on areas where you only have atrophic scars or hyperpigmentation, consider performing a series of chemical peels. I would caution against doing a chemical peel on your chest, as it will probably just aggravate your raised scars. I've done several 25% TCA peels on my back (where I only had shallow atrophic scars and redness), and the peels have honestly done wonders.

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Thanks for the replies guys. 
I have been doing the steroid injections since this post, and it has definitely helped bring down the size of the keloid/hypertrophic scars which is amazing but I will continue to have more injections. I lucked out and found a local dermatologist willing to be aggressive with injections because they were not responding with just minor injections. 
I will definitely look into the IPL laser and chemical peel. You can not put a price on having self confidence and the ability to be able to go out shirtless in public places such as a beach, or pool areas, which I stay away from with a passion. 
I'm glad to know that you have similar scars and are seeing improved results. It has been over a month since I got the fraxel laser treatment (cost a pretty penny too), but was worth it in my opinion even though I just had one, and am considering getting another because it helped with hyper-pigmentation.
Other things I have been doing are using silicone sheets which have helped a bit too in decreasing the size of the raised scars (very slowly and I wear them overnight), also been using dead sea mineral soap, which makes me feel bone dry, in combination with bio oil, sea kelp scar gel, cocoa butter and coconut oil. I do this more for peace of mind that I am doing all I can, I don't see them doing too much except helping keep the area clean, and decreasing the hyper-pigmentation a little bit.
I will post another update in a months time or so and let you know my progress, since these things take quite a bit of time. But hopefully I will be able to enjoy my summer a bit more.

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could you post some pics after your injection tratement please?
i have the same problem that you have but multiplied by two or three... full scared chest and almost 50% of my back
i´d like to see your results because i decided its time to search for help with this thing because i´m just tired of rejecting my friends everytime they ask me to go to the beach or to the pool.
Thank you ;)

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I would love to see your progress photos. I've had this same issue since I was 20 or so (29 now) I have these hypertrophic scars on my chest that are very itchy and irritable. I've tried every kind of gel, cream, natural oils, peels, etc and they actually got worse over time, not sure the exact cause, I hate to think I made it worse by trying certain products like vitamin E oil. I used to have 5 separate scars on my chest and now they all transformed into one large one, flattened a bit but they're all connected now and it looks pretty bad. I look back and now think they weren't that bad compared to now, it's way worse, wish I would've done the injections earlier.  
I always heard of the injections when my scars were young but was told they wouldn't help much and there was not much I could do by my dermatologist. My scars aren't too raised but they are wide, you say the injections reduced the size, is that just in how much it's raised or the whole scar in general? Again, would love to see before/after photos. Thanks!

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I had similar stuff on my face to what you had on your chest. However while the wounds were still open I had steroid ointment till they healed. I've had great results with fractional and v beam if you want to check out my progress on my post.

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