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Acne Regimen Needs an Update

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Quick story about me: I am 22 years old and have been suffering with mild hormonal acne for 4+ years. I have tried various products most listed below and I have done some research I am  hoping to get insight on.

I have tried quite a bit of acne medications as well as done quite a bite of research. 

Topically I currently use:                                                  Orally I currently take: 
clindamycin phosphate solution                                    Oracea 1x a day
trentinoin                                                                            Minocyclin (50mg) 2x a day 

These prescriptions and products have lost their efficency and I have done some research into other products (listed below). I am hoping to find anyone one here who has tried any of these before and what their efficiency was. Did you have any initial breakouts?
Topicals I have researched:                                                  Oral Medication I have researched:
Benzaclin Gel                                                                           Nicazel Forte


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