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Hey guys!  Please read this if you are thinking about taking accutane or have taken accutane because this will shed some light on your questions or worries.  So i'm a male and i've had acne ever since high school, around 13 or 14 is when it started (which is typical for a teenager).  Now at 23, my acne is still popping up (along with the battle scars left behind over the years) just not as bad as in my high school days.  I get mainly hormonal acne on my jawline, chin, neck, and my back was pretty bad also, but it was still persistent no matter what.  I never had acne on my chest though, just shoulders and back.  My acne would get worse whenever I sweat, or used workout supplements and caffeine, and even after stopping those triggers the acne was still persistent.  I have a fairly healthy diet, with occasional cheat meals every so often, but I don't eat any gluten, dairy, and keep sugar and carbohydrates at a minimum and my skin was still bad. So I made a trip to my dermatologist and he took one look at me and my acne and mentioned that I take accutane.  Keep in mind I have taken tetracycline in the past, multiple topicals, benzoyl peroxide washes, all have irritated my skin/not worked and I have seen multiple dermatologists.  My acne is not extremely severe, I would say it's moderate, but my acne leaves scars behind and cysts would pop up.  My doctor mentioned given my age and the acne that I have, accutane would be the best route for me.

My dermatologist told me go home, research accutane, and to think it over so I can make the best decision.  Even after seeing the side effects and reading all of the positive and negative reviews, I decided to take it.  I took Amnesteem (a generic brand to accutane with the same effects, etc.) for exactly 6 months.  The first month I was given 20mg to see how I tolerate the medicine.  Second month I was given 40mg, and the very last month I took 60mg.  During the 6 months I experienced all of the basic (common) side effects; dry skin, dry lips, dry hair, sensitivity to the sun, minor back pain, the initial breakout, and that's it!  I did not experience dry eyes and wore contacts throughout my entire course.  

Currently, I am 7 months off of accutane and my skin looks ten times better than before!  My oil in my skin came back after three months but NO WHERE NEAR as oily as I used to be and I finally have normal skin now, not too dry, not too oily, and I get the occasional breakout here and there but I have not had one single cyst pop up since!


Do NOT read all of these horror stories.  I never experienced depression or any mood changes (luckily) but it is a side effects that can happen.  But please do not read these.  After reading multiple horror stories AFTER I took accutane I got extremely scared and stressed and had anxiety because I thought I made the wrong decision and wished I could go back and not have taken it.  HOWEVER, I came to the realization that I did not have ANY of these side effects and I am perfectly healthy with no issues.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND those severe RARE side effects affect such an extremely SMALL percentage of people.  Majority of people taking accutane will not experience these severe side effects at all, but they CAN happen, that's where the risk is involved.  But look at the rare side effects of aspirin, tylenol or even allergy medication and it will scare the living CRAP out of you, but these products work!  There are rare side effects of every drug out there so reading these horror stories will only scare you.  Keep in mind also that majority of people that take accutane and are cured from there acne for life and some people are not going to post a positive review about it and there are THOUSANDS of positive reports on accutane.  People are more inclined to write a negative review of a place, product or restaurant than a positive one.

Out of all of the rare, severe side effects, I did not experience one of these!  Just dry skin, lips, hair, etc. which majority of people will and are going to experience.  People also reported loss of libido (sex drive) on accutane and I can see why...accutane dries your skin out, can make you feel tired and lethargic, extremely thirsty, feel self conscious about how your face looks from all of the dryness redness and flaking, and all of these things combined will certainly cause libido to decrease, with or without the drug.  In fact, my libido SKY ROCKETED on accutane...I was horny constantly and there have been reports from other individuals that have experienced the same thing.  My libido was not affected negatively whatsoever and this side effect is rarely reported.  On the contrary, there have been reports of libido being permanently lost, even though this effect happened years later for some.  Also, keep an open mind that people have noted side effects YEARS after being off of the drug...who knows that these problems would have happened anyways with age or if they were already genetically inclined in the first place and they are just blaming accutane?  

I started breaking out after accutane and I FREAKED out and blamed accutane for it...but at the same time I started using new products and changed to a new diet, so I stopped using the product that was causing my breakouts and it went away.  


Get your hormones checked, see an allergist for food sensitivities (maybe those eggs you have been eating everyday are the cause of your pimples), and change your diet BEFORE getting on accutane.  I wish somebody would have told me this first but I didn't know at the time.  Accutane is considered a last resort because of the side effects, but it does not work for everyone and there is a chance you might need a second or third course, and be one of the unlucky individuals that has one of these rare severe side effects.  Do all that you can first, speak to your dermatologist about your concerns, and make the best decision for you.  This product works, and it is up to you and your body if accutane is right for you to take.

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Hi there.

I started taking accutane 9 days ago and my acne has started healing from DAY 1! I'm almost completely clear and I hope it's not too early to say but I think I dodged a bullet with this "purging phase" people experience. I think you are completely right about making sure you have the right diet before you take accutane because I believe this prep is the reason I didn't break out and started getting better straight away.

So far I love it, dark marks that used to stay for 9 months are clearing over night it's unbelievably amazing!

Is accutane meant to be a perm solution or temp bandage fix? I would love to finally be able to eat junk food once in awhile (I've been off junk food for 5 years straight now :)  ) and praying that I won't break out from it.

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Hey there,

Prior to to accutane, my derm had me take a combo of antibiotics and retin-a for three months. This in itself induced an IB, mostly from the purging effect of retin-a.

I started claravis after those three months and I started my third month a few days ago. i seem to have escaped a bad IB thanks to the retin-a.

Week1-2: Started with 40 mg not much happening here at this point, I read this was to be expected. 

Week 3-4: skin is slightly drier( I have very oily skin to begin with.) lips are starting to dry out, easily combated with   chapstick. Skin is looking pretty decent at end of month 1. Noticeable fatigue during an intense workout, damn leg days! Got a rash on both arms (excema?)
this sucked but I got an excess cream and have easily managed it.

Week 5: Start of month 2. Bumped up to 80 mg. Not much this week. Face is noticibly redder than usual. Eyes are a bit dry also.

Week 6: Bit of a breakout here due to increased dosage.

Week 7-8: Breakout heals, red marks last a little longer than normal. Skin starts looking great! No irregular fatigue at this point. Lips are more chapped than before, medicated lip balm is a must. Aquaphor at night. Also using thin layer of awuaphore on chin as this area flakes during the day if I don't. 

Week 9: start of month 3, staying on 80 mg. Skin is glowing! Only apply moitsurizer at night and my skin doesn't flake during the day or feel dry at all. Oiliness is gone, love this! Redness has died down, still be carful in the sun.

I plan no staying on 80 mg for the duration of the course. I would even go an extra month to be safe. I only need blood tests every three month. I have been drinking alchohol like I normally would, no bad blood tests yet. I eat lots of big fatty meals with each pill followed by at least 20 oz of water. I take bit E everyday also. 

So so far I am thrilled with the progress! 
I understand it can be daunting  make the leap the accutane but do your research and ask lots of questions. Feel free to ask me anything about the process!


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I'm a 33 year old female been batteling acne for 5 years but never this bad started in feb this year I wish o started accutane earlier I started on Friday on day 3 my face is so bad I'm scared to go to work I wish I was already a month in :( I hope it works and I hope I start to see improvement soon :( I'm so sad scared but ready to see this acne gone praying this works I'm on 40mg daily 

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On 7/16/2017 at 7:37 PM, stressed123 said:

I'm a 33 year old female been batteling acne for 5 years but never this bad started in feb this year I wish o started accutane earlier I started on Friday on day 3 my face is so bad I'm scared to go to work I wish I was already a month in :( I hope it works and I hope I start to see improvement soon :( I'm so sad scared but ready to see this acne gone praying this works I'm on 40mg daily 

Update on my accutane journey I am on day 40 I couldn't be more happy to be on it so far I haven't experienced crazy side effects my skin is is not dry my lips are dry but manageable I use Vaseline and apply it constantly all at I think this is why they are not cracked or bleeding but I am still early only day 40 bongs can change I do have joint pain but manageable I had constipation but started taking fiber everyday the powder you add to water or any liquid drink so it has helped but other than the side effects my skin is  clear I went from having 20+ zits on my face to 2 at the moment it's amazing how fast it worked I did have a minor initial breakout  think week 2-3 but it was ok I hope I don't get anymore IB I do love the fact my skin is not oily and my hair I used to wash it everyday now I can go up to three days and my hair looks fresh like I washed it it's amazing !! It's great my highlites last longer lol ! DON'T be afraid to try accutane don't let others experiences scare you that was my problem I'm 33 and recently started it cuz I was terrified everyone is different but don't have fear do it I hope this finally clears me up for life !  I go for blood work next month so i hope all is good because i want to continue with this until i have completed the 6 months!
i wish i had done this when i first started to experience acne 5 years ago, this year was the worse i broke out SO MUCH i had bumps EVERYWHERE even make up didn't help it made the bumps more noticeable that is when i said Screw it i am going to try accutane and i have to say i am HAPPY i did! i was so depressed i wouldn't leave the house that's when i had to do something about it and accutane was my last resort, if you feel that way do't wait any longer DO IT all i do now is wash my face with CETAPHIL cleaner feels great cleans well then moisturize i don't moisture at night i don't need to my skin is not that dry so i leave it bare i only moisturize in the morning Cetaphil face/body it's GREAT not oily leaves skin smooth works great under make up also! i will always use cetaphil even when i am done with Accutane  great products!!!  i am only 40 mg daily an di hope my dermatologist when i see him in Oct will keep me on 40 mg unless things change praying they don't and i remain on 40 and all is good moving forward! Edited by stressed123
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It's great to hear that Accutane is working so well for you stressed123! I'm at the beginning of my second month, and my skin is still breaking out at the moment. Still, nothing like the initial breakout I had when I tried antibiotics and BP 6 years ago. Interesting to hear your skin isn't dry - mine isn't either! I was expecting to have crazy dry skin and then it never happened. I'm also using Cetaphil face wash and lotion, it's so gentle.

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I went to my doctor two weeks ago because of my acne and my doctor really wanted me to take doxycycline for it. I'm pretty worried about taking doxycycline because I've taken lymecycline for my acne twice before and it always makes it a lot worse, so I want to avoid taking antibiotics. She told me that accutane would react really well with my acne, but gave me differn and told me to come back in two weeks to see how my skin is. It's caused my skin to clear up on my forehead, but I still have a few spots on my chin and I really want to take accutane. I'm worried that when I stop taking differn for my acne my skin will flare up again, whereas I heard with accutane it completely gets rid of your spots. I also have red acne marks pretty much all over my face from past acne breakouts from almost a year ago and I heard that accutane is good for getting rid of that as well. My acne is hormonal so I'm not sure if it'll come back when my course with accutane is finished? (I'm vegan and it hasn't done anything to treat my acne, so I'm pretty sure it's hormonal). She also said that I may have "gram negative folliculitis" which is apparently only cured with accutane, but my acne is really mild at the moment so I feel like she wont take it seriously and will just give me antibiotics again. :(
(I've had acne since I was ten and I'm now 15. I've also been taking things for my acne like lymecycline, treclin, benzoyl peroxide for the past two years and it always works but then my acne comes back worse than before. So I reallyy want to take accutane to get rid of my spots for good!)

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