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Does Regimen work on nose?

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I've always had acne, pretty severe as a teenager, mild as an adult, about 3 yrs ago after about 12 years of basically a clear face  I started using the acne.org benyl peroxide formula as I was getting breakouts on my chin again. This worked but recently in the last year I've been getting small/ tiny spots on my nose and some on my forehead. I'd never had these on either before , especially not on my nose. I've been applying the BP to my nose but I'm still getting breakouts, I've tried using aveeno salycilic acid for about a month now but I'm still getting breakouts. My question is does anyone think that changing to the full regimen may help?  I thought just the cleanser and BP would work but it hasn't, I've also tried just the cleanser on my nose with almond oil as a moisturizer but that doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts appreciated! 

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Yeah, the full Regimen is your best bet. Many people don't think they need to moisturize, but it's necessary because clear skin requires to be balanced. It can't be too dry (no moisturizer) or too hydrated (greasy moisturizer).

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I second CP's advice. Under the regimen I have realized that balance really is important. I have very very oily skin and am on of those hesitant to use a moisturizer. Although when using BP, it really is important to use moisturizer. The BP dries your skin out too much even though you don't notice it.

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