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Dry lip treatment alternatives

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This is my second course (last one was over 2 years ago). This time taking 40mg twice a day, just wrapping up month 1. Last time I had a terrible time with the lips part: blisters, swelling, pain, headaches, heel pain, and low back pain, etc. I couldn't use any sort of chap"stick", only pure ointment.

This time around I am having a much better time, even though I'm on a higher dose. I'm taking fish oil, flax oil and Evening primrose oil with every meal, stopped caffeine a week prior, drink lots of water and decaf tea all day (no headaches this time). I only wash my face in the evening (use DHC deep cleansing oil). Brush teeth with Tom's non-SLS toothpaste (no shredding of lip corners this time). I sleep with rose hip seed oil then grape seed oil all over face then pure lanolin on lips. I use the lanolin all day. This is the same stuff they recommend to breastfeeding moms for chapped nipples. this stuff is the bomb. I also put along nose area where super dry (inside) and not getting nose bleeds this time either.

I keep hearing in some areas that Lanolin is bad, but it is a natural wax (like Jojoba) extracted from wool fibers. Maybe some are allergic, so be careful. My lips barely flake at all now. I sometimes add a bit of 1% hydrocortisone ointment mixed in with the lanolin if it feels a bit irritating or I see a small blister, but maybe only every other day. Hydrocortisone used too often actually thins the skin, so please be careful.

I don't use lotions, I must have spent so much money last time trying so many creams & lotions only to feel like I was getting burned every time (fair redhead with eczema). This time just using (alternating) jojoba, olive and grapeseed oil right after taking a shower. Also am taking glucosamine chondroin and joint pain has been a non issue as well.

Anyways, I'm doing much better this go around and hope it will continue this way. 

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