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I'm 42, moderate acne for 27 years. What has worked.

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I really wanted to share (at age 42) what has really worked for me.  I know this won't work for everyone but it's always useful to tell other people what has worked for you.
I've had mild to moderate acne all my adult life until last year when I really couldn't take any more after getting quite a significant scar on my cheek and absolutely feeling like I'd had enough.  I broke down at the doctors (in front of my son) a month before my wedding with a face of acne.
I've been on the pill (Dianette and Yasmin), Oxytetracycline, Duac and Zineryt for years still with breakthrough spots.

In the last year I have come off all the meds and stated taking 2 teaspoons of Turmeric (mixed with Coconut Oil and Ground Pepper), I almost can't believe but my skin has been virtually clear (see below for the blip) in the lastyear (compared to always having at least one spot lurking on my face).  It's my gut feeling that this has cleared it, that's all I can say.

I've had 3 Dermastamp treatments on a atrophic cheek scar (I've just accepted the rest of the scarring) and 4 months after my last treatment I'm slowly starting to see a difference.
I've been drinking a cup of bone broth (made from Pig's trotters) every day to try and rebuild my collagen (a challenge at 42) to reduce my scarring.
I've also started using Vitamin C Serum, Glycolic Acid daily pads and La Roche Posay Redermic R cream.  I take daily Vitamin jC (1000mg), Zinc, Omega 3 and Vitamin E.
My scarring is gradually going and the pit on my cheek is filling in.

I had two weeks when some horrific spots (days of constant puss) came up and I have identified this to starting to take Linseed and Evening Primrose Oil as when I stopped them my skin cleared again.   I think Omega 6 brings my skin out. 

I just wanted to say, please don't every give up. I've felt so low with years of it next to beautiful friends with flawless skin.  I've had insensitive people point out my spots (like I might not have noticed them myself!!!!) in public and found the people that care no matter what I look like.
To give you all hope, in the last 6 months, quite by accident I've got in to modelling!  I've done 10 photo shoots as a mature model for semi professional photographers.  I've done a photo shoot with 2 dreadful spots (during the Linseed episode) which although were slightly visible did not pose the slightest problem to the photographer.  In none of the photos was my scarring visible (that which I analyse every day).
I would have loved a life of clear skin and 27 years of moderate constant acne has taught me so much about myself, humility for others and to go out and do life no matter what.  

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