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27 and can't get rid of acne

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I seriously don't know what else to do. I'm 27 and my skin type is combination of oily and dry. I constantly breakout on my face. I use to pop the pimples cuz I hated to walk around with a huge pimple on my face. I stopped popping them thinking it would stop the scars and no it did not stop the scars from coming. I've tried proactiv, Herbalife skin, acne.org, simple, neutrogena, ambi, noxzema, toothpaste (big mistake especially when I used whitening paste and it burned through my skin), witch hazel, alcohol, ovace, benzoyl peroxide, etc. all these things work temporarily! And rarely do the scars ever go away! I need something to end the scene forever! I drink a gallon of water a day, I exercise, I eat a pretty balanced diet. I just don't know what else. And on top of that now I'm getting pimples on my back. I have never had pimples on my back until this year. 

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Have you ever been to a doctor about your skin? I'd suggest that is the next step for you, as you've clearly tried so many things!
Good luck!

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I tend to agree with WittySock...perhaps it's time to visit a doctor and try some prescription medications in combination with your healthy lifestyle and preferred topical.  Good luck :comfort:

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Thanks so much! Yes I think that is my next step. My gyn Doctor did prescribe me a prescription cleanser and topical but it did not stop the acne nor get rid of the scars. 


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Your acne doesn't look as bad as you described, which is great!

By balanced diet do you mean you eat dairy, gluten and sugar? I'd recommend giving up dairy entirely, and keeping your gluten and sugar to a bare minimum (difficult but worth it).

A blood test would be a great idea too...Ask your doctor if your hormones are balanced, and if not, find out which ones are too high or too low. Then you can treat yourself accordingly. There are often natural ways of dealing with hormonal imbalances.

Cholesterol is also a useful indicator. I had high cholesterol which told me that I was eating too much sugar - and it was causing me to break out.

Also how consistent are you with your skin care routine? Do you have a good soap-free cleanser and a good moisturizer?


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