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Hi all, I am 23, this is my first blog, forum, post. I want to make this short and simple so it doesn't become boring and lengthy. Practically at age 19 I went through a dramatic hormonal change from a miscarriage and it set me off with cystic acne when before I had clear even skin. after I figured out how to clear this cystic acne (used tea tree oil in the pharmacy section at target) that emerged and my hormones balances back out. I ended up with indentations on my left temple. everything else was minimal scarring, could have faded and been fine.. I then became obsessed with getting my skin back to how it was before. It's depressing looking at the progress pictures from not bad to severe. I went through all these chemicals, first I stupidly did a chemical glycolic peel at it's lowest percentage. I left it on for only a few mins and neutralized it with baking soda I believe. It burned my skin and left me with burn marks and also it triggered cystic pimples to come back. I stopped.. I moved onto tretinoin 0.5 generic brand, this is where it all went wrong. It's good for acne, but in my case it caused a lot of pimples for me and I was on it for 6-8 months, I can't remember, I decided to stop and it cleared but then I had a lot of post acne marks. Made my skin worse. Then I tried epiduo, I didn't know it had a form on retin A in it, it worked for a little bit when I used it on 1 pimple, but then more and more started forming, so I applied it to more spot as more formed and it just spreaded from my jaw to my cheeks! That was a horrible breakout and a year and half later I am still suffering with the post acne marks. My marks are red and they don't seem to fade and only a few turned brown. Then recently after my acne was under control again I tried a simple moisturizer, the peptide renewal by mario badescu and that clogged my pores so bad. So I went back to my  gentle cleanser and toner from obagi nu derm and added the exfoderm forte and my skin has been slowly clearing, now I have only 2  pimples and a few stubborn bumps. Oh, I was on obagi when I tarted tretinoin too and the only issue is the lotions cause me blackheads, I wonder if others have had this issue. It causes me to pick pick pick! Leaving me with more issues. :( I can't stop obsessing and getting so depressed  its a huge distraction. So right now, its obagi facewash, a toner, a moisturizer that is natural and doesn't break me out, I am thinking of stopping the exfoderm now since my skin is smoother but it causes blackheads.. I wanna add salisylic acid in once a week, any recommendations? I recently started the clarisonic, which has been fine for my skin.. I am starting vitamin C from skinceuticals and I really wanna try the phyto corrective gel, has anyone used it and gotten good results? I am going to try to stop picking which is hard because of my anxiety from all this and school...and I do use spf 30. So I wanna make a journey with adding grape seed oil too as a night serum, anyone have great results with this too? Im testing it out for 7 nights in a row, just scared of it clogging my pores! I never had an issue with clogged pores before just that lotion, but since my acne is under control now I am so scared. I just want these marks to go away! Someone please put me in my place! we need to end this cycle and for all those who are in my situation. My pictures will be in order from when it was good to worse and on the make up photos is when my pores were clogged from that mario badescu lotion and now I had a new breakout to deal with. sorry guess this post wasn't short! The last photo is present Feb 20th.













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