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One simple things has majorly cleared my skin

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I always told myself that if I ever got rid of my acne I would come back here and tell everyone what worked for me, so maybe they could give it a try too. 

Just before Christmas last year I made one change, I stopped washing my face with hot water. I didn't use any facial cleansers at the time because they made my skin so dry and tight so the only contact my face had with hot water was in the shower. I decided to try and see what effect, if any, turning off hot water in the shower would have. The effect - little to no new spots! Beforehand I would constantly get new spots on my neck, temples and cheeks. I've also noticed that my face is  no longer screaming out for moisturizer after my cold showers, i still apply it afterwards but just a small amount. I splash cold water on my face just after I wake up and just after dinner and then before bed I use a cleansing wipe. That's all. I also keep a fairly healthy diet and regularly change my pillowcase and bedding once a week.

I really suggest giving this a go and see what happens. I still do have hot showers, but when it comes to washing my hair I bend over in the shower (steady!) so that only my head comes in contact with the cold water. I don't think I could cope with my whole body getting doused with cold water. Give it a go and let me know if it works for you.

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There are so many tiny things we can do to help ourselves get clearer skin, and this is a perfect example. Another example is washing your face last in the shower, so that you can wash off any shampoo/conditioner residue off your face.


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I think the hot water was causing my skin to overproduce more oil which was leading to clogged pours and new spots. It might explain why my face used to be so dry after having hot water on my face.

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