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Feeling heaviness and uneasiness after 1 dermapen session done 1 month back.

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Hi all new to this site and first time posting. Hoping to get some advice and help. So here goes my story.. I had 1 dermapen session done with . 5mm needles by a doc and I have been having uneasiness and heaviness on my lower face since then. I was put on antibiotics in the beginning for a week which helped but the heaviness and uneasiness is still there. I sometimes feel my lower face i .e jaw area is slightly puffy or swollen but it's not visibly swollen so no one can tell. I m worried what is this. And yeah no improvement as such on my skin. Bad treatment it was! Would never get it done ever again. Please provide some inputs on my condition, especially members who have had this treatment done. Thanks for reading, long post but thats what has happened :(

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Hi, i must say,  there are a ton of reviews and recommendations for needling on the board. Some say its the poor man laser? Idk, i will be completely honest and say that ive only tried the rejuvapen once. I think the gal was a bit inexperienced. It caused massive cystic acne breakout. And i think it left some scratch scars that are barely noticeable. My skin had recently undergone a peel and was slightly acnetic but this did it in. I paid 150 for treatment and spent a whole lot more fixing the damage one treatment did...ugh. i really dont think i will ever needle again. I have used profractional sciton and so far its the best i did. No more peels or needli g for me! Im now looking into subcision and fractional co2.

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Hi all thanks for reading and replying to my post. Feeling slightly better now but there is stretch on face and neck now. I'm so pissed off with this treatment. Guys plz do not do it. Acne scars are not such a big thing and I guess natural remedies are the best and all these other treatments are not good in the long term. 

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