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Antibiotics for 25 years has it ruined my skin

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Hi to everyone as the title suggests has antibiotics ruined my skin.
I have taken antibiotics since the age of 18 my acne back then was pretty severe not on my face but on my neck it was cystic took a course of antibiotics and it help with the acne on my neck i also had moderate acne on my face the antibiotics did help with all this but as soon as i stopped treatment it came back to be fair though the acne on my neck wasn't as bad and gradually went.
So the doctor decided to keep me on them for the forseable future and it did keep my acne under controll on my face but over the years certain ones would stop working so they changed them and so on i am now 45 and currently taking minacycline i have always tried stopping over the years but eventually my skin would break out as i said my acne was never severe on my face but it was painfull and allways apeared in painful places so i gave in and went back to taking them and it was also embarrassing.
Sorry for the long explanation but just giving some history so back to the question has antibiotics wrecked my skin my biggest concern is my forehead i have to long vertical lines that lead from inside my eyebrows and fan out they are sleep marks from the pillow but over the years they have got deeper and more prominant i guess what i am trying to say is that my skin on my forehead and to a lesser degree cheeks has no bounce back it doesn't want to seem to repair itself and marks really easily it just looks tired I have always tryed to look after myself i keep fit go to the gym don't smoke only drink on special occasions drink plenty of water and yet i still have tired worn looking skin people used to always say i dont look my age but over the years this is not the case anymore i also have a deep frown line in the middle of my eyebrows which makes me look angry all the time i know we all get older looking and i do accept this but my dad is 77 and he has less lines on his forehead than me.
So all i am asking is is this possible from antibiotics I know there role is to kill bacteria but does this come with side effects like dry skin tired looking skin that just doesnt repair aswell as it used to i hope i dont come accross as vane i'm not it just gets me down sometimes when i look in the mirror and at 45 i still get acne anyway that's it hope someone can offer some advice thanks.

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I have had my fair share of antibiotic disappointments. I took minocycline for a period of three months and it did wonders for my skin. I was so happy that my face was clear and acne free...but unfortunately it lasted for only 10 months. My acne came back but starting back on the antibiotic again didn't work for me. It took such a long time to get my face clear and then it eventually stopped working for me.

I found my savior in benzoyl peroxide. It is an antibacterial treatment I used twice a day, everyday to make sure my acne is under control. This has been trusted partner in keeping me clear for the past three years now. It could be something you want to look into if you want to get away from oral antibiotics.

As for antibiotic side effects, I only took it for three months but I don't expect it to cause deep facial lines. That could come with the stress with getting acne.

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I did try benzoyl peroxide i bought it all a few years back it never worked for me i'm not saying that antibiotics cause lines overnight im saying due to prelonged use do they weaken the defence of the skin and i was hoping somone on here would have some knowlege and experience it may not be the antibiotics but i was hoping that people would no of some links to skin changes and antibiotics 25 years is a long time thanks.

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