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Forehead bumps: candida overgrowth?

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First let me start by saying that I've had extremely clear skin all my life. Never gotten any acne of any sort, I'm 20 now. Then after I started to smoke and eating lots of junk food, I started getting the occasional pimple, but ONLY on my forehead. This went on for 3 years until after a course of antibiotics, these tiny flesh colored bumps appeared all over my forehead. They were small at first, barely visible, but as time went by some of them became fully blown cyst pimples! Having puss and a clear liquid filled inside them. 

This was 2 months ago, I've left smoking since then. But these bumps just don't seem to go away! They are only on my forehead. The rest of my face is CLEAR AS DAY.

What could it be? Normal acne? I've tried everything on it, somehow any treatment makes it worse. 
It doesn't itch, but if I scratch any one of the bumps, it become bigger and then usually turns into a cyst pimple within a day or two.

I tried topical anti-fungals; terbinafine, nizrol, then didn't work either.

Please help?


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Normally if it is a fungal infection (the fungal variation of folliculitis) anti-fungals would work pretty rapidly. And fungal folliculitis isn't very common. You see bacterial infections more than you'll see fungal. And one of the more annoying signs of folliculitis, is the horrible itchiness! It looks to me like you have some closed comedones and an inflamed pimple. I'd avoid scratching and picking, and try using benzoyl peroxide during the day (because it can bleach your pillowcases) and a retinoid before you go to sleep. Hope this helps!

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For the last 5 months I've been breaking out with a similar type of acne but on my temple area. I never had acne growing up and now I'm 28. Tried everything from new cleanser, change my diet but seen no difference.. One day I decided to clean my entire place from top to bottom with antibacterials disinfectant. I can honestly say since that day my face started to clear up with no new acne breakouts. What I Iearned from this experience is that maybe the environment you're living in could possibly be the cause! Good luck! 

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