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HoW to Stop Your AcNE

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Stop treating your acne with different skin care products ... it's all Bullsh*t 

Only way to stop acne is by changing our diet.  I've never had acne in my life but when I hit 27, I started getting it all over.  
Probably my body changed (hormones acting up) or some shit, who knows.  At first, I tried skin care products because i knew
nothing about acne.  As I grew wiser, and started reading articles, blogs, stories, etc.  I knew the only logical reason to get rid of acne is 
by preventing it! I started changing up my diet by trial and error.  Took me 2 years to figure it out but I did it...

This is what i follow to be acne free: 

1) no soy
2) no dairy
3) nothing high in sugar
4) avoid oily foods (fried)
5) no simple carbs

I'm not saying the above is going to work for everyonek, after all, our bodies are different.  But i strongly believe that a clean diet will work.

Some of you might have tried this and it might not have worked for you, but  i guarantee you, you did it wrong. First of all, you need to read ingredients.
Soy is not just tofu.  Also edamame, soybeans, soybean oil, soy letchin...most of all this shi*t is in almost everything in the grocery shelf.  

Research everything i mentioned on top and start learning how to make your own food.  I never eat out and if i do, it's things that are really healthy ..eg. steamed veggies grilled chicken...brown rice with steamed shrimp..etc.

A big one is simple carbs.  Stop eating simple carbs and you'll see a huge difference.  

Try the above for a month and see the improvements.  Took me 2 years to get this down, hopefully by you reading this, it'll take you one month



btw, all i use on my face is  Cetafil gentle skin cleanser., every morning and night..NOTHING ELSE

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