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Accutane/isotretinoin and Meibomian Gland Disease

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I wanted to write a quick post about my experience with a short course of Accutane in 2013.

I had very red, oily skin with hundreds of little red pimples all over my face and big pimples and oily skin on my back (and butt, and legs, and neck...). I went on a 6 month, low dose course. While I was on it, I had no side effects except dry lips and my skin (face and body) looked BEAUTIFUL. I thought I was cured and the nightmare was over.

Immediately after the course, my skin got oily again. I started breaking out on my face again, although my body acne has been effectively cured. But I also started getting very dry, irritated eyes. 

Google "chalazion." They're awful. Essentially a giant pimple on your eyelid. I've had four of these in the last three years. They have been non-stop since I got off Accutane. I've had two surgeries, one steroid injection, and another injection scheduled in a week. My eyes are constantly dry and irritated. For EIGHT MONTHS of 2015 my left eye was bloodshot. Not a few veins, the entire white part was deep red. I learned after Accutane that this is some people's reaction, since the oil glands in your eyelids are also affected by the drug and it changes the way they work. I have seen 13 doctors for my eyes and haven't had a single effective eye drop or end to the chalazion cysts. I also now get sebhorreic dermatitis a couple times a year; maybe that's related to the Accutane and maybe not, but I never got it before the drug.

Be careful with Accutane. It might heal your acne, but it could ruin your eyes. And it's much nicer to look at a person with acne than look at a person with a huge cyst on their eyelid and bloodshot eyes.

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