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Thoughts on fractional RF BEFORE accutane

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Im going to be totally honest here. :( I was a picker, but never scarred, so stubbornly i kept going. I used one of those dumb blackhead tools :(
after my second round of accutane (previously i was 15) at 20, my skin had changed and i very quickly ended up with scarred pores, icepicks and shallow boxcars.
im going back on accutane to address oiliness and clogged pores, but knowing ill need to wait so long afterwards makes me wonder if i should just go ahead and try to improve the scars first, since they were from picking not the acne itself in my case...

Fractional RF is the same as infini rf. Its microneedling in a stamping style with radiofrequency in the needles so its like lasering and needling. Of course id need multiple treatments spaced out, so it would put accutane off for a while. Please dont suggest tca cross, it made my scars worse :(

i see my derm at the end of feb so ill ask her too.

What do you guys think?

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