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How to heal IBS-C and get a square jaw while doing so!

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I hope this can help atleast one person. I struggled with constipation for years, found that running every second day helped keep me from being backed up, but I knew that I couldn't keep relying on that forever.

  1. Probiotics/fermented foods- Try see if these help you first. If they do, bingo lucky you, if not, all is not lost. Probiotics used to constipate me like crazy, now they don't. Fermented foods broke me out when I first tried them, months later after the below steps they no longer did.
  2. Candida killers/antifungals- These usually cause a purging stage for a week or 2, try introduce slowly (coconut oil, apple cider vinegar)
  3. Take a spoon/2 of apple cider vinegar before every meal, aids with stimulating stomach acid, also kills off excess candida
  4. Don't drink anything 1 hour before meals, during meals, or 1 hour after eating- liquids, including water dilute stomach acid and enzymes and hinder digestion
  5. Chew your food properly!! = square jaw, well for me anyways :P 
  6. Colon cleansing should be considered, as you will be killing off lots of yeast, yeast feeds on sugars, carbs and other yeasts. How? In my experience, there came a point when antifungals constipated me, then I realised that I had to get rid of the excess. You can do colon cleanses with magnesium, or by colonic irrigation...something I had to get done due to the severity of my situation :new_smiley_20:.
  7. Introduce probiotics again slowly after a month or two.

Also, there's no such thing as killing all candida in the body, it has to be brought into balance. It becomes out of balance,along with gut bacteria, due to:
  • Antibiotic usage
  • Tap water, due to chlorine and other chemicals
  • Poor diet, excess sugar,carbs, fruits etc
  • Alcohol :new_smiley_18:
The above steps along with a clean diet, avoiding your food intolerances like gluten/dairy/sugar/grains (one piece of fruit a day maybe OK), should help! 
Peace out :new_smiley_26:
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Unless you maintain a supraphysiological hormone environment especially with the likes of IGF-1, insulin, somatotropin... maxillofacial structuring comes down purely to genetics.  If you are someone has a terrible diet then yes you can improve the definition.  Some have it and some don't.  Both my brothers have very gentle rounding heads, while my sister and I have high cheek positioning and razor jaws.  It's cool I guess.

I always felt the jaw line was more endogenous to the "exotic ethnicity."  Like I'm irish, Italian, and Persian.  My best guess is it's the persian bloodline that caused me to have highly pronounced facial formations and a confusing story to explain what initiated this cultural blending.

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Hey, sorry should have clarified what I meant. Since chewing a lot more, my jaw has squared off a lot more, was walking past a group of teenage girls recently and I could hear one of them say "look at his jaw!!!". At least they didn't say acne O:)

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