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HAHA and then all hope is lost.

So, I had a dermatologist appointment today as it was a one-month checkup after starting doxycycline. Let me say, my face looks no better as it may honestly look a little worse. 

Anyways, I was trying to be hopeful as my dermatologist seems to think this acne will certainly go away. We were talking about once the acne is gone and what I can do for my acne scars (because I have many and my face looks like a mess). Then, she started saying laser treatment would be the best option and work well.
My mom smartly asked, "How much would that cost?"
My dermatologist tried to keep us calm, but it was essentially impossible to stay calm because she said, "$500 for each session and it would be 5 sessions (totaling a WHOPPING $2,500) and no insurance covers it."

My heart sunk. My mom's eyes opened wide, realizing we were never going to be able to afford that. It now means I wouldn't be able to afford that until I get a full-time job, which would likely be in 3 years. And even now, I'm thinking about it and thinking, "Would I really want to spend over $2,000 of my hard-earned money on a treatment that may not even work." 

I'm just wondering why me? Why us honestly? People have their battles with acne and then get over them. This seems like it is going to be never-ending. I'm even getting to the point of giving up on the fact my acne will ever go away. I shouldn't be looking at scar removal procedures because I may not even get over acne itself. It's just frustrating at this point.

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Doxycycline didn't do much of anything for my son.  He's battled it for 3 years since puberty set in. We finally started with isotretinoin treatment and it's been a godsend.  He's in month 4 and looking great!

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I know right. Its like im born with acne and im gonna die with it. From the cradle to the grave. Like Voldemort on Quirinus Quirrel's head

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