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Cystic cheek and jaw acne. Untreatable? (+pics)

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Hi guys,

im 19, and since about May I've had cystic acne that's progressively getting worse. All over my jaw and cheeks I have tiny white bumps (looks kind of like milia) that will over time get red, inflamed, enlarge and after a month either go back to the original state, or leave really bad red marks. 
I've had cysts on my jaw and cheeks that have been there for over 6 months, and they're extremely unattractive. Aswell as this my red marks don't fade AT ALL. 

Im currently on lymecycline for 2 weeks, with little to no effect. 

please help, and advice is much appreciated x






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Hey there, what helped me was giving up diary. Ive tried all sorts of diet but giving up diary seems to do the job, I instead chose to drink almond milk and use other alternatives etc. Hope this helps :)

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Although I believe that antibiotics should work pretty quickly, some people (at least on these boards/reviews), find that it can take a month or so to see improvements. 
You could also try the dairy thing that the above poster mentioned, a lot of people find dairy is a major culprit for their cysts.
If there are any super large cysts you could ask your derm for cortisone shot for a quick fix while you wait for some results.
I wouldn't stress about it! If antibiotics are one of the first things you are trying and they don't help then there are plenty of other things you can try next.
In the photos I don't really notice them that much, the rest of your skin looks pretty smooth. You certainly don't look ugly. 
It's just trial and error!

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Cheers for the feedback appley and kiwi.
I'll finish the course of my antibiotics and discuss with my GP the next step. As for dairy, it's almost completely out of my diet already (family has bad acne) so it's not really around in the house. But I'll tighten up on that and see if it makes a difference  

Thanks for the comments x

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