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Have you used these products with Accutane?

I started Accutane 11 days ago (finally) and I am still nervous as heck. The side effects scare me, but I'm hoping to results are worth it. I'm already going through dry eyes, dry lips, dry skin thats getting really irritated, and nose bleeds. I started a youtube channel (prettypotato)  and Instagram account (prettypotato21) if you all are interested in checking it out. Anyways, I have some questions:

1. Here is what I am currently doing skin wise and was wondering if any of you use these products as well?
     ~ Sensitive Dove soap as a face wash/body wash (cetaphil and cerave don't cleanse for me at all and I can't stand it.) Dove soap has been getting all my make up off without stinging my face. 
      ~ Aveeno daily moisturizer lotion (the big pump meant for "body"). I actually really like this one. It feels amazing and hydrates incredibly well!

2. How many still wear foundation while on accutane? If not, how do you cope with the scars and active pimples? If so, what make up do you use?


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Yes, I use the dove sensitive skin body wash and the aveno body lotion and the aveno radiant skin facial moisturizer. 

For foundation I just switched to neutrogena healthy skin.  I Just started accutane almost 3 weeks ago so I just started using this foundation like 2 days ago and I'm still not exactly sure how I feel about it lol. My dr recommended neutrogena products, so I'm trying it out.  My skin is super dry bc of the acutane, and I feel like the foundation is making it worse.  Its really thick and full coverage, but I think I need to find something with moisterizer in it

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I struggle with very dry skin and acne. I would try Clinique tinted moisturizer. It hydrates throughout the day, gives nice coverage, and does not cause breakouts. My skin has improved since using this. Best of luck!:)

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Beautypedia on paulas choice has a great search engine where you can check how comedogenic a product is, the ingredients and their importance, and a lot of other great info. So, you can always check your products there as well

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