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Sudden Onset of Pustles/Whiteheads on face

Hi, I've had acne problems since I was a teenager. It's been moderate to severe, the acne is almost always nodular or cystic. I have small nodules all over my cheeks that eventually come to a head or grow larger. I also have a history of cysts and staph. My dermatologist prescribed me minocycline for the nodular acne and retnoid cream for acne that is a bit closer to the surface of my skin. I've been taking it daily for about a month and a half now, and I apply the retnoid cream when I see some of the nodules growing larger or coming to a head. So far, I've seen some pretty good progress. But recently, in the past week or so, I've been developing small white pustules around my nose, mouth, and forehead. It is unlike any acne ive had before, they are not really Whiteheads, they really are just tiny pustules that appear almost out of nowhere. I was my face with Dove Winter Care and use Neutrogena makeup wipes, I use makeup two or three days a week, its the same makeup brand I've always used and have never had these pustules appear before. Last week, when I saw the first few appear on my face and I applied the retnoid cream on them, but my skin started to burn and get very red so I took off the cream because it seemed to make it worse. This led me to believe that the pustules were related to some sort of irritation or dryness. I applied some Aveeno moisturiser on my face and it did seem to get less irritated and red, but the pustules still continue to appear.  I am not sure exactly what is causing these pustules and I don't really know what to do about tem other than apply pressure next to them with a clean w-tip and let them pop (my dermatologist taught me how to extract pimples   small whiteheads and I've only done it one or two times, they went away in the area where I popped them but they keep appearing in  different places). Since I Just started taking minocycline I think it might be a side effect of the medication?  My skin has felt a bit itchy since the Whiteheads appeared . I'm not really sure how to treat them, it might be that my pillowcase is dirty or something, does anyone know what is causing these pustules and what I can do to treat them? Thanks.

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