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getting a 2nd course of accutane

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Hello everyone. I am a 17 yr old girl who was prescribed Accutane around September of 2014. During my final 6th month my doctor mentioned I was very underdosed and if I wanted to I could keep going to make up for the lost dosage to make sure it did not come back. I told him I would do it but then they refused to take our insurance after saying they didn't accept it anymore. I did not see him after that but just figured I would finish my final month and continue somewhere else where they accepted our insurance. it took forever to find a derm that did so i kinda just gave up and hoped I would stay clear. and i was clear until 6months later it started to come back. It wasn't as bad, just the occasional ones like any normal teen.
i finally found a derm and asked if I could go back on accutane since i was underdosed and I would hate for it to get worse. he told me i was being paranoid and my acne was not that bad and said he would not give it to me, at least not right away. i figured this would happen so i just complied and took whatver he gave me (the topical creams and what not). they obviously were not working and my skin just kept getting worse. i was honest with him and said i think i am wasting my time with these medications bc they are clearly not working and he told me he still would not give it to me and if accutane was my goal i needed to go somewhere else! 
We have a new insurance now, so we are planning to see our old derm (who told me i was under dosed) to ask for a 2nd course of accutane. my question is do you think i can actually get a second course of accutane? i know it depends on the doctor and whatnot, but I have breakouts all over my face again and it is really starting to take  a toll on my lifestyle all over again. when i was clear i was much more happier but now i am crying every night because of my awful skin! i do not go out anymore and have very little focus on what is important because im too busy stressing about my acne. i have been on it before with mild side effects and have tried topical treatments before considering this that have not helped me. what should i tell my derm that will help me get the treatment i want? because i feel like with derms if you say you want accutane right off the bat they will not give it to you, but i am so physically/mentally exhausted with trying all these treatments that are obviously doing me more damage than good. i just want this battle with my skin to be over with already. 
to anyone who has had a 2nd course, did you stay clear? do you think this could be my last?

sorry for the long post, but thank you for reading. 

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