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Feeling very grateful

Hi everyone, 
So I wanted to share that today is the first day in 6 years that my skin has looked this good and I lpoked in the mirror today and cried  because I was so happy. 

I've had skin issues since 7th grade, and I'm now almost 18. I was diagnosed with rosacea at a young age and constantry struggled with bright red cheeks...there was actually one time in middle school a teacher told me to take all my blush make up off...
My problet area was always my forehead, they were constantly covered in tiny bumps(I rarely got whiteheads, maybe a cyst once every couple months) and I had your average teenage constellation of blackheads on my nose and chin. And let me tell you,  I tried everything.  EVERYTHING. I tried benzoyl peroxide, all the acids you can name,  the all natural route,  the caveman routine,  drugstore crap, sephora crap, everything.  I was so obsessed my family threw away anything I bought (which over the years is a good thousand dollars).
But last September,  my good natured grandmother took me to the dermatologist. The doctor took one look at my skin and asked to see the back of my arms(which always had tiny bumps on them just like my forehead) . She diagnosed me with keratosis pilaris, what I thought was acne was actually inflamed hair follicles causing a plug in the pore. 
She gave me epiduo. The first couple months were hell.  Everything purged out and my skin had to make a really big adjustment. 

Today, my routine is this:
-simple cleansing water 
-clinique  dramatic moisturiser 

-origins  clean energy oil cleanser (I massage it into my face for 5 minutes or so, it pulls up all those yucky plugs)
-cerave   foaming cleanser 
-clinique  dramatic moisturiser 

My blackheads still give me trouble, and I have some hyperpigmentation,  but my skin had never been this clear in so long and it's amazing. 

The battle with acne is not a sprint but a marathon. You guys are very supportive and kind I hope you all find what helps you conquer this journey. You're beautiful. Believe in that. 

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