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weening off the regimen without breakouts

Hi, I have been using the regimen for 6 years and have been 99% clear for this time. I am now 26 and hoping I have outgrown acne. I am also fed up of putting 2 pumps of BP on my face morning and night and the dry skin that comes with it (although I do manage this pretty well). 

I am am looking to reduce the amount of BP I use and hopefully discover that I no longer need the regimen at all however after being clear for so long am I scared of the potential outbreak that I have read is likely if I stop using BP after so long. I read the best thing to do is to slowly reduce the amount you use. I am more than happy to go as slowly as required but I am struggling to find many stories with a happy ending on this site where it has worked. Can anybody offer any advice? Will this work or am I destined to break out and be forced to use BP forever as my skin is now addicted to it? 



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Hi, Lewis – I'd do this:

Morning: 1 pump of BP | Night: 2 pumps of BP (continue with this for at least 2 weeks)
If you break out, go back to 2 pumps, twice per day. If you remain clear, go ahead and do 1 pump, twice per day (continue for at least 2 weeks)

Repeat. It should look like this if you remain clear: (Morning, Night) – (1 pump, 2 pumps); (1 pump, 1 pump); (1/2 pump, 1 pump); (1/2 pump, 1/2 pump). I wouldn't use any less than 1/2 of a pump for any one application. Then you can go down to 1/2 pump, once per day, but I doubt you'd be able to stay clear on that.

I'm able to stay clear on 1/2 pump as long as I apply it twice per day.

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I guess it would be best to find out what triggers your acne. For some its stress, others hormones, etc.

I have been on the regimen for a little over 3 years now and because I know my acne is triggered by hormones and my hormones still go crazy then I haven't tried weaning myself of the regimen. However, I do stay clear with just 1 pump of the treatment. If you dig deep in the forums some people have managed to successfully stay clear by sloooooowly reducing the amount of BP they use. Experiment and observe your skin well throughout the weaning process.

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