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HI i have read online that using the neutrogena  oil free acne face wash ( orange liquid type) gave some people severe reaction.
I bought this product on tuesday after i noticed that my black soap was not doing anything to my skin after a while of using it. I wanted to try a new product as I had tried the clean and clear brand which also did nothing for my skin. 
I also exfoliate with my st ives. 

I have combination skin. I experience breakouts sometimes ( pimples that go away like in 2 days ) however on my face has these little tiny dots under my skin which i believe i got from an allergic reaction almost some time ago. (could also be eczema)

 I thought the neutrogena would help clear it.
First day I used it (tuesday evening), my skin felt amazing. these little dots on my face diminished i had a pimple scar on my cheek helped the discolouration as well as my hyper pigmentation. My skin felt clean and bright.. the next day (Wednesday morning) to head out for school i used some sunscreen, toner and moisturized well after. 

fast forward on Thursday night after washing my face felt tingly i noticed a pimple on my upper lip, and rashes all over my face including my neck. I honestly wasn't expecting this as i rarely break out from products. My skin feels verrrryy rough and extremely dry. I have stopped using it only after a 2 days of using it mind you. My rashes itch especially on my neck. 

Have any of you experienced a reaction from this product i have read reviews online and seems like a lot have. But what exactly did you do to get your skin back to where it was before using the product and also to get rid of the rashes.

i miss my old skin now loool 
Also what products are you guys using now especially with those with closed comedones  or who have those stupidly annoying tiny little dots on your skin ( looks like its under the skin) smhhh  

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This product is very toxic. Neutrogena fails to place on their products warnings that this can affect your skin. The first time I used it my skin felt very tight.. the next day after I used it my skin felt uncomfortably tight so I decided to stop using it after day 2. The next morning I woke up with 2 massive puffy eyes and massive bags under my eyes and one eye was droopy. My whole face was red and inflamed. Neutrogena advised me that I should have only used this if my face was covered in acne like a teenager otherwise the salylic acid eats away at your skin. When I went to hospital they asked if I had started using a new face product. I seriously looked like I had a mini stroke.  I am still healing. I google searched and discovered that this happened to heaps of other people with this product and other Neutrogena products. Neutrogena is toxic and have no duty of care about warning their customers. I will never touch another Neutrogena product again . 

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