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How I handled accutane Flare up

Hi Guys, 

i understand everyone's reactions and a bit different but 
I thought I would share some important tips of how I
handled my initial accutane flare up so hopefully can save you from unessecary  suffering! 

I am a young looking 42 years and weight 60kg This is my second course of accutane. 
After years of suffering I found accutane was the NO 1 most effective treatment in clearing my skin and keeping in clear for the longest time. If have been suffering please do see your Dermatologist about
I stopped accutane treatment beacause i was happy with results after the first course of 6months then had kids.  About 5 years later after child birth my acne started to come back not as bad as previously but after trying everthing again :
Antibotics, topical tretinions, benzol
peroxde which worked for 12 months until my skin became resistant & the antibiotics stopped working. 
Nothing works as good as accutane but you must REALLY  know how to properly care for your skin and also be prepared mentally to cope with the normal course of effects. 

To avoid the suffering stage or the  -initial flare up of acne as the accutane start to clear as decongest your skin  ( not everyone gets this but I did both times ) 
See your Doctor to
1. inject any cysts or large blind pimples with cortizone- if he gets them they wil reduced and the next day you will see this immediate result instead of having  them
painfully on your face for weeks or months. 
2. Ask to be prescribe erythromycine to help reduce initial flare and bacteria
3. Ask for anti inflammatory like prediserone if stil bad 
4 . Use gentle cream cleanser 
like skino2 cream cleanser followed by sensitive skin cleansing wipes to very gently buff of dead dry skin. 
5. Add hyaluronic serum straight after cleansing to keep skin moist then apply non comogenic moisturiser and light weight sunscreen 30 + try skino2 facial Tint 30+ 
6. If going your going out the house to school or work - only apply  no pore clogging/non comedogenic make up  that is also suitable for dry skin- Try skin o2 mineral BB foundation which also contains zinc and titanium dioxide to help further protect your skin. I found this to be my saviour - I will post photos shortly to see my before and after. I do recommend half way through the day to have sensitive skin facial wipes on hand ( Try skino2 facial wipes ) to buff of any dead or shedding skin and then to reapply the make / BB cream - that way you look good all day and still let the accutane do the important job to help shedding off and renewing your skin! 

8. Always carry lip balm and keep reapplying - no more matt lips sticks as these add to dryness problem and look horrific. -TRUST ME ! Instead to add colour back to your lips just use lip linear around the lip line and slightly blend in, then just apply your lip balm continually through the the day and always later it on before bed at night. 

9.  Most impotantly always say nice things to yourself especially on the bad days! Remind your self it is really worth it because once you do finally finish your course you will have beautiful skin that you deserve. 

Please do something about it & don't suffer any longer I really do understand. 
I am so thankful after years of personal research and some very kind Doctors I found ways to make it much better for myself! 


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