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Disgusting Reoccurring Spots

Hi, I'm an 18 year old female who has been experiencing countless different outbreaks throughout the last 7 years of my life. However, only in the last 4 years has there been random 'flares' as I call them that appear off & on.

In the summer time, or whenever there is sun present, my skin looks perfect & healthy. But during the winter I get these red spots on my face that hurt to the touch. And I of course, being the idiotic, curious, sometimes careless teen I am, try aimlessly to pop it. But to no avail. Nothing happens. Instead, I wake up the next morning with an even bigger red spot with even more tenderness. Which then leads me to try to pop it once more. (I normally try popping these things on my face 1 or 2 times before I just give up.) But then comes the real monster. The wound opens up to show its ugly face. It is red with a disgusting yellow center, most times a scab. Eventually the scab falls off, but then I'm left with the 'crater' as I call it. (See attachment for the picture of what I am dealing with currently.) On the outside there is an obnoxious red ring, which happens to be very itchy, and it sticks out of my face. On the inside, it is either black or yellow and it also happens to be itchy.

These outbreaks come every few weeks in the winter & take months, sometimes years to fully heal. I am still covering up the scars from last year.

So after my long introduction of my skin difficulties, I am here seeking answers. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think is going on here. I am tired of feeling so gross & ugly with these spots on my face! Helppppp please!


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My situation is quite similar to yours, you can check out my post if you don't believe, I can't seem to find a solution for it either.

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First thing that comes to mind with the seasonal acne you describe is vitamin D difenciency. Give it a google on the boards if it sounds like you try some supplementation. Been very sucessful for some people.

However when I see the photos, the sores don't look very much like acne to me, they must leave a hell of a scar?! While you have that one active on your face, I would sugest you get your doctor to look at it and they may even take a swab for staph because that doesn't look like a pimple, even a cystic one, to me.

good luck :)

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They look quite deep and infected, so they could be cystic acne. However, I've never seen a cyst which has been popped, so can't be 100% certain. Best to go see a doctor.

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