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Considering second course low dose tane/questions

Hi all

Im 8 mnths post tane
I was on 20mg for 2 weeks followed by 40 than 60 mg..my course was 6 mnths..i ended on the low end of the acceptable range as far as mg

The first 2 weeks were glorious..my oil dried up and I didnt break out once, but after increasing my dose i broke out 3-5x a week..mostly in smaller bumps
I was hoping tane caused irritation and the spots would stop post tane
BUT 8 mnth out and im still getting spots..3-5 a week and they typically go away quickly
BUT my nose is becoming more and more oily and Im getting more blackheads and closed com/thick skinned small clogged pores

I am considering a low dose of tane..as in 20mg a day or even 60mg a week 
I am still battling dry eyes from my course so that has me hesitant

Im also concerned because if tane didnt help before....why would it help now
I was hoping for my skin to get less sensitive and to start getting IPL and hydrafacials to I feel im back peddling
I wonder if I try tane lets say for a month and it doesnt help at all...and I stop...do I need to wait 6 mnths for facials/IPL etc
does the clock turn back to ZERO

Any thoughts or feedback appreciated

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