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Tiny comedones?

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So, around my chin and under the corners of my mouth, I get these tiny tiny little bumps that are only visible when I look at myself super close or stretch my skin. I used to try to pop them, but I realized that made them turn into not huge, but a decently sized zit that gets a white head and gets inflamed and scabs over if I pick it. I hate it!!! So lately I've been leaving them alone, but I notice that even when I do leave them alone, they still grow into a bigger zit, just much, much slower. I did accutane from October 2013-April 2014 and the results were amazing and I would only get PMS zits, but not bad ones at all. Those results lasted for a while but now I have been breaking out since thanksgiving 2015!! I've tried Murad sulfer spot treatment and Kate Somerville sulfer/isopropyl alcohol spot teeatment, along with benzoyl peroxide treatments and although they work fairly well on bigger zits, they just can't zap the small little guys! Can anyone relate, and if so, did you try to treat them?

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I have a lot of experience with little bumps under the skin, as I have suffered from comedonal acne. Because they are under the skin, putting stuff on top doesn't really work. It may help to use retinoids to bring them to the surface so that they may start to go away. Definitely don't try to pop them if they are under the surface, as this can actually cause the infection to go further down into your skin instead of getting rid of it.

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