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Acne At School is Worse!?

Hi, I am an early teen with acne prone and sensitive skin. Most of my acne has been usually located been on my forehead and usually one or two pimples anywhere else on my face once in a while. I know it is because of my hormonal changes but I feel like it's becoming a problem. I do try to change my diet and routine to a more healthier lifestyle. 
School has started for me and I have had social anxiety and fear since I feel like people are judging on me because of my breakouts. I don't look at the mirror anymore because of this.
What makes me feel more insecure is that school is usually open-air and the climate here is very humid.
When I take Physical Education, my pimples become more red and swollen-like until when I come back home (there is no pus). My body becomes very sweaty and there is hardly anything I could do about it, which makes it more red. After the class, I tried to wash my face with water for a month, then I tried bringing a cleanser with me for another month: nothing is working! For the rest of the school day, I would usually put my head down in class (not making any contact with the face) and when someone ask me, "What's wrong?"  and every response is always "I'm tired.". I feel so uncomfortable staying at school!
That is the only time is gets bad.
Yes I have visited a dermatologist and my acne somewhat healed a little bit, but when school started, it was all a mess.
No I do not pick at it, but only when my hands are clean/washing my face
Can someone help give me tips on how to solve this? Thanks so much!

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