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Tired of having constant acne issues

Okay, here's the basic gist of my story.

Around 2011 when I was about 16, I started breaking out huge cysts on my face, and later, on my chest and back. A few months later, I was diagnosed with cystic acne. I was prescribed Tretinoin, Accutane, Minocycline, Benzoyl Peroxyde and salicylic acid. These all had different functions, but didn't do anything. I have also tried using Neutrogena's products to no avail, and I've also attempted several regimens, only to have breakouts. Through the use of raw black african soap, I managed to get my facial acne down to almost nothing. What used to seem like weeks to get off my face now takes a couple of days, maybe. My main issue with my face now, is that there are lots of scars, and there are constant blackheads, especially on and around my nose.  

Now, while the severity of my acne on my chest, back, and other various areas has diminished quite a bit, the quantity remains the same as it seems to have ever been. There's also quite a bit of scarring from previous acne, and every now and then, some of that acne comes back. 

I'm wondering here, is there anything I can do other than "give it more time"? I'm currently 22 years old, and it seems that simply giving more time isn't going to do the trick, while it may help.

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hi just patiently wait.. it will goes along way... just continue using raw back soap ...i feel yoe... your not alone... as i am suffering same like you for almost 7 years now.... i am using raw african black soap for 4 days now and i see little changes.. i hope and pray that  in my 3 weeks i willl be fee acne face....

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