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Birth Control for Acne?!?!

Hello, I'm an 18 year old female who struggles with
mild/moderate acne. I take B5 (pantethine) and Zinc everyday which keeps my skin clear for the most part. I believe my acne problem is hormonal because I'm clear during my period week and a week after my period. During ovulation and PMS my skin breaks out mainly on my forehead. I usually have comedonal acne on my forehead and then during PMS and ovulation I get one or two big pimples. 
I have tried Diane 35 birth control and it got rid of the comedonal acne, but I still got big pimples during my break out times of the month. 

Any advice?
which birth control is the best for acne? I know that Yaz is
anti-androgenic, which is supposed to help, but the reviews I've read have said otherwise.
if anyone has gotten rid of their acne similar to what I have please let me know what helped! 

Thanks so much! :)

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I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about a year and a half. I also had mild to moderate acne that I believe is hormonal. After an initial purge of about 2 maybe two and a half months my skin was great! I didn't have to wear any make-up or concealer and I got tons of compliments of how nice it looked when I'd go into cosmetic stores like Sephora. It also helped the redness I'd sometimes get. Unfortunately for me the birth control caused other problems so I went off and am now looking for a new way to clear my skin which broke out somewhat badly after about a month off, but everyone is different and if you don't have side effects I'd say go for it! Yaz is also FDA approved to treat acne, as is ortho for moderate acne. Just remember you might have an intial purge mine was really bad and I almost gave up but you really need to give it time in the long run I think it helps

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I have been on Diane 35 for a long time and it worked well for me to get rid of the small pimples. However when it is that time of the month sometimes hormones just take over and I end up getting one or two cysts on my jawline area. This is pretty normal for me and I don't let it bother me anymore since two is better than 50 active pimples.

If you don't break out too much, then try using a topical treatment like a retinoid or an AHA that helps clear acne much faster.

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i was on loryna for a year. its a generic form of yaz and it pretty much was my holy grail lol. before that i had pretty constant moderate acne, lots of comedones, papules/pustules and the rare cyst or nodule. i got mostly clear after about 2 or 3 months in. ive been off since mid october, i ran out and havent been to the doctor yet haha. i havent really broken out at all, i get maybe 1 or 2 zits every other week maybe but im probably going to go back to get more bcp anyway 

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