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Need help

So, I'm in need of some opinions. Or thoughts. I can't seem to figure out what is causing my acne. Before last year I always had pretty normal skin, never really any acne. Towards the summer time of last year I started to try to transition from vegetarian to full on vegan (I have been vegetarian for almost two years now) but starting last summer I really wanted to cut out all animal products. So I haven't been drinking milk nor eating eggs/other animal products. My only down fall has been eating products that already have dairy/eggs in them. (Such as baked goods ever now and then) so in my first picture bellow that was in September: and  ever since my skin has just erupted with acne. I like to think I eat rather healthy. Occasionally I have professed food; I always watch my sugar intake, never eating more than 25 grams of sugar. I just can't seem to figure out what has caused my skin to become like this. I keep thinking maybe my body is finally detoxing all of the crap I ate before becoming vegetarian, but I can't figure it out. I even switched to a pure non scented laundry detergent, I don't wear makeup, and I only wash my face twice a day... I know this is silly but it's worth a shot.  I just need help. 

The second photo is today: I have acne mainly on both of my cheeks. No where else really. It's all accumulated there. 



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