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I hate it too.  I know how you feel. Everyone one at my work has perfect skin, I feel so out of place. Even the people from other companies that work in the same building have clear skin. My parents keep telling me there are so many with acne, but I never see them in my day to day activities.  At work, shopping.   I haven't encountered anyone with acne like I have.  Yet it's true they exist.  Maybe they are hiding or something.  It's weird.

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It's hard. I often feel like I'm the only one with bad skin wherever I am..

But ... It is important to remember that a lot of people wear makeup. I was at the hairdressers the other week and was commenting on how this other guys skin was so flawless, and his colleague said "yeah he's really good with makeup". 

I was aware, obviously, that almost 100% of girls wear makeup, but sometimes it's reassuring to know that guys do as well. I have, and do. 

TV and ads all use filters, makeup and editing. I mean..if you look at Beyonce's unedited photo shoot you'll see that even her skin has flaws!

Also, you don't realize what's under people's clothes.. That person may have flawless skin when you look at them, but horrendous back/chest acne that you can't see.

Also... Millions of people buy acne products and millions have been on hardcore drugs like accutane -- a lot more people probably understand acne and how you/we feel than you think.

yes.. Some people have flawless skin and always will - but they may be obese, anorexic, bald, have no teeth, and a plethora of other traits society considers 'ugly'

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6 hours ago, Luke89 said:

Everyone else looks like a normal human being except for me. I'm the ugliest person in my entire city because I have yet to see anyone with skin as bad as me.

Yeah I know what you mean except I thought it was worse in Middle/High School. The other kids would stare at me in the hallways like I was the Elephant man and I was bullied like hell for it. I hate them all. I've gotten so angry over Acne that I use to Punch Walls, Doors and break things. I even hit my Car a few times with a Baseball bat.

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