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Face itches at random times after moisturizing?

One side of my cheek it has acne, not to severe just red marks, one or two whiteheads, they go down from my cheek to my chin and some pimple scars; the other side of my cheek is red, barely any acne, which happened 2-3 weeks ago. So i stopped using a cleanser as i realized it was making my skin worse and started applying honey to my face, which it did help. After i wash the honey off my face it then starts to become kinda itchy at a random spot on my face, a lot of times in the side of my head next to my eyebrows, and its just little itchy parts and not just there but sometimes on my forehead or chin. So i think its because my skin is dry so i apply the lotion from Ceraphil and at first it feels nice but then at a random time it stars itching in a random place and randomly goes away and re-itches. My skin is flaky after i shower and stays kind of flaky after i apply moisturizer, i know this should mean its dry but even if i have those little white things on my face, my face looks extremely oily, so because of this i don't like to use a moisturizer. I don't like to apply moisturizer to many times so i apply honey before taking a shower and i wake up to go to school and leave my face as is, and so my skin looks very oily and kind of flaky, and at random times in school it itches at random places. I never ever scratch it though. When my face becomes itchy sometimes a little circle appears as if i got bit by a mosquito, this happens around my body, mostly in my chest or back sometimes. So i want to know should i keep applying lotion after washing honey of my face? and have you ever had any of these problems and if so what did you do?

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I remember using a cleanser and moisturiser which contained witch hazel. I had the same problem. My face would feel itchy. I later realised that this was because the products did not suit my skin. It may be the case that the honey and/or the moisturiser does not suit your skin. I think you may want to search for an alternative cleanser which is more suited to your skin and purchase a moisturiser from the same range. I hope this helps.

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Try doing a cold compress. Derms use it on kids with eczema when their skin is itchy. You basically put a wet cool towel on the part of your face that is itchy for about 5-10 minutes. Then you apply moisturizer immediately after. It says to use bath oil too, but that might break you out. You can use just water too. http://www.rch.org.au/uploadedFiles/Main/Content/derm/Wet_dressings_A3.pdf

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