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2 Months in, Acne has cleared by 90% but can't get rid of these flakes..

I've been on the Regimen for almost 2 months now. I suffer from mild acne, and the Regimen has definitely done its job in clearing up my face, despite a few small set backs/break-outs over the holidays, which is to be expected. 

The problem I'm having is that my skin flakes pretty bad. Before I moisturize, which is fine, my face looks and feels like a dry desert, the moisturizer and jojoba oil take that away and give my usually very-fair skin tone, a nice glow and hydrates as well. 

But a few hours after apply the moisturizer, my skin in certian areas (around my eyebrows, parts of my nose, my cheeks if I move my face around) starts to flake. It isn't terrible and I'd definitely prefer this over having to worry about/deal with acne, but it's at the point where if I plan to leave my house for an extended period of time, I'm trying to find ways to bring moisturizer with me because I know In a couple hours that I'll need it again. Also, the skin flaking is now starting to slightly itch, and of course when you scratch it, flakes even more to the point of skin peeling off. 

I haven't tried the AHA yet because I've read from numerous people on the regimen that it actually makes flaking worse.

So my question is has anyone else dealt with this on their way to getting healthy skin again? Even with the moisturizer on, when I touch my face the texture doesn't even feel like skin anymore :think:

Since yesterday day morning I decided to stop using BP while appling the regimen in the morning, only using it to spot treat before I apply moisturizer, and then adding it back in when I use the regimen at night before bed, in hopes that less Bp will let my skin heal a little better, dry out a little less. I don't mind doing this now because my skin has almost completely cleared other than 2 new small spots on my forehead. 

So I guess my next question is, what's the best way to effectively reduce the amount of BP I'm using in the regimen? My skin is very sensitive so I've never even worked up to two full pumps of BP, the most of got to is 1 1/2. 

Should I apply the BP with the regimen twice a day as directed but not use so much at a time? Or is what I'm doing, only using the BP at night, a better way of going about it?

Any experience and/or advice is greatly appreciated ! Again, I'd rather have flaky skin then acne on my face any day so it's not the end of the world if I keep going the way I'm going.. I can deal with the flakes. Just trying to find a way to minimize them without bringing back acne. 

Thanks guys! 

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I have been experiencing this problem for a very long time. I've been on the regimen for 3 years now and it helped to clear up my acne, however I started developing red scaly skin on my neck that would burn if I put on the lotion. Also, same spots as you on my face would have tremendous flaky peeling, even if I moved a bit when smiling or rubbed with a tissue- flakes everywhere. I bought jojoba oil to add into the lotion, which helped to mask the flakes, but when it dries up a bit after a few hours, flakes- especially in winter! I've started doing the bp all over once a day then every other day I do it at night and for the day to give my face a break. I also started using a new cream that has oatmeal in it made for the face and it has helped tremendously with the red and flaky skin that I would get around my jaw line, lips/nose area, and neck- and hasn't aided to breakouts! I think that when your skin is over-dry it will break out more because it's suffering from irritation so getting the moisture balance proper is necessary because I've been getting irritated bumps around my jaw line and cheeks that turn into pimples, but this is where my skin flakes the most. the new lotion I've been using I bought at Sephora and its' called First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Cream. I'm going to try and see if the same ingredients come in Eucerin or Aveeno products that may be a bit more economical. I wish there was another way to be on this regimen without so many flakes or oily skin with overapplying the lotion.

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   I started incorporating a mild glycolic facewash around two months into the Regimen for  the same reason. I use it every other night at the most and I dont use it in the shower, only after, at the sink. I like to leave it on for five to ten minutes some nights (sometimes thirty minutes with no bad effect) to get more exfoliation. Cooler water to rinse feels nice. It really cleared up the flakiness and made my skin dewy and beautiful. I didn't want to use glycolic lotion either-Ive done many chemical peels and used many lotions;the potential for irritation is so much higher with a lotion.
       However, an easier and cost effective thing to try first is to significantly increase the amount of lotion you apply to your problem areas when you put your lotion on initially. I took to heart Dan's instruction to not be shy with the lotion. Sometimes it would take 10 mins for all the lotion to dry but it was worth it-redness subsided and flakes were reduced.

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     I am currently in week 2 of the regimen and I was going to start a post about the flakes I have been getting.  Reading these comments has given me some further insight about it and it's great to know that I'm not alone!  Right now I'm testing different methods to try and re-hydrate my skin.  After applying the BP I applied only the jojoba oil, letting it have some time to soak in.  After I let the oil quench my skin I apply the lotion.  I am also going to try applying more lotion later in the evening, which totals it to three times in one day.  If I have any success in this I'll be sure to let you know! :)   

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The AHA does not make the flakes worse (at least for me). I was on the regimen last year and the only thing that helped with the flakes was AHA, I did use Jojoba oil with a soft cloth to wipe away the larger flakes for some relief but that didn't solve the problem totally. I have a bunch of photos of when I was on the regimen and you can tell the difference with flakes in these two, first one is after I had been using AHA and the second is prior to AHA.




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