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What is best for these scars?

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Basically I recently got rid of the acne on my face and forehead. I'm very lucky that these spots havent created terrible scars however was wondering what the best way to get rid of these is?

I've started to use a chemical peel but havent seen much difference with those 'purple marks' from the spots..

But yeah it makes me really self conscious and i do understand that my scars arent bad at all compared to some peoples..

Thanks for your suggestions!

(pic attached)



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Time. How long is very individual, it could take months or years. Make sure you always use sunscreen to make sure it doesn't turn into hyperpigmentation.

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I have been forgetting to wear suncream after my chemical peels due to the sun been non existent where i live, however I'm starting now.. is hyper pigmentation harder to get rid of?

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Hyperpigmentation usually responds to topical treatments such as chemical peels or light exfoliators such as an AHA so it's more treatable than erythema. If it's hard to get rid of or not is individual, I have one brown spot of hyperpigmentation that's been there for almost 3 years although I haven't really tried more than an AHA (I don't really mind it).

Just try to clear whatever acne you have and wear a sunscreen and eventually your problems will most likely be gone. If it bothers you a lot you might wanna do Vbeam or IPL.

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Oh i see, thank you for the insight about suncream, i shall definitely wear it everyday now as i saw my skin worsening without applying it

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