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Got these products from a Dermatologist, How do I use them?

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i  went to the dermatologist yesterday, and he prescribed 3 products for me. 
Here are the names:
- Galderma (Benzac AC 2 1/2, Benzoyl Peroxide, Water Base Gel) 60g. [Some kind of cream]
- Galderma (Adapalene Gel 0.1%) 30g [Some kind of cream]
- Vibramycin* Doxycyline Monohydrate (10 tablets) 100mg. 

I have also attached a picture of the 3 products.

So my questions are
- What do you think caused this much acne?
- How do I use these products? (Like I have no idea which ones are meant for what)
- How often do I use them?
Thank you for your help, this is my first time bothering to post a thread so I hope someone can help me out! Looking forw

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I haven't used the other two but I use Differin. I apply it (pea sized amount for whole face) every night about 20 minutes after cleansing. Leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning. Some people use it every other night and sometimes less just depends on how your skin tolerates it.
However, it worries me that your dermatologist gave you no information whatsoever! As for the concealer, some people find it breaks them out, but if you are only wearing it for a few hours and you make sure to take it all off I doubt it would exacerbate your acne much. 
Hope any of this has helped and good luck.

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You got acne alright, but i think you'll clear up. So don't lose hope. As far as the cause of acne. It's mostly male hormones, skin type, and inflammatory response. The drugs you have are an excellent start.
Benzoyl peroxide cream should be used every day in the morning after you clean with a mild soap.
Use the differin at night, every night like ihateusernamesx said, 20 or 30 minutes after showering. Leave it on overnight.
doxycycline should be taken the same time every day with or without food. There should be 
Instructions on the drug label.
All of these drugs might make you more sensitive to sunburn so take care of your skin.

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Looks like the combination of products you've been given should give your acne quite a shock! It's a good selection and I've used all of them in the past with some success.

In answer to your questions:

- What do you think caused this much acne?

We'll probably never know. It's likely to be a mixture of genetics and hormones. Just because your relatives don't have acne, doesn't mean it's not a genetic issue. After all, you don't have exactly the same DNA as your family members. You're all slightly different.

- How do I use these products? (Like I have no idea which ones are meant for what)

Personally, I've always used Differin in the morning. I don't like using Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning as it start showing up white when it dries or if you start sweating. It's not too important though when you apply each one. Just make sure you do it every day!

With the doxycycline then take it in the morning or evening, but make sure you've eaten something before hand. If you take it on an empty stomach it can make you vomit. Believe me, I've been on the side of the road vomiting in the morning as a result!

- How often do I use them?

Every single day!

You've only got 10 doxycycline tablets, though, which is a small amount. You need to take one of them a day, but you might need to get a refill of your prescription after that.

- And lastly, if I use a concealer and some weird brightener on my face/acne, will it make it worse? I only use it when I go to school and once I come back I wash it off.

I've got no experience on makeup, so can't answer this!

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