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Weird acne :: Unidentifiable help how to heal it

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Hey guyz, i am an 18 year old with just a littpe bit of acne thanks to Differin and many healing processes i had to learn while treating acne. Alright so a while back around 6 month ago a pimple ( white head i think ) had appeared on my chest, it happened that i popped it and of course it came back a lot bigger yet when it came back i really dont know what it was anymore, it had no head and seemed burried under skin, its color was a bit LIGHTER than the skin back then,


anyway like 2 month ago i went on like 3 skin picking rampages ( i pick both chest and back, but chest mostly, i stopped picking my face like a year ago)

 I am a perfectionist and sometimes when i am feeling anxious and bored i go on picking rampages, so during those picking rampages i really went so hard on this spot, the first time i tried to zit it i had to press really hard and during that first time i felt like something to have " popped" and just soooo much "white" stuff came out, i mean i would have to pop like 10 pimples to get that much, it was not too liquid and not solid ( sorry for disgusting description but i just am badly in need of help  )


 so the first 2 pickings, i stopped after my skin getting too red, after the picking the skin where i picked would get really big and inflamated for the next few days and heal after a week or two, No matter how much i pushed hard there was always "white thing "left, the 2nd time i pushed harder and reached a liquid that was transparent with a tint of yellow,


Alright the 3rd time was a carnage i chose to get everything out till i see blood, i was able to see blood after a while and i believe it has scarred the mark is now DARK yet its size is still the same as of when it was light colored, i know that if i pick it there would be a lot of white stuff again, btw after i picked it the 3rd time i applied over it differine so it wouldnt get infected. What is it ? You think its scarred forever ? Even so, is there anyway to remove the dark color and make it the same as the skin's , and most importantly JUST HOW IS IT GETTING REFILLED WITH WHITE STUFF ?! Btw i know picking skin isnt gonna help the healing and actually do a lot of damage but i really cant help it. 


Now for the 2nd issue its about my face as i have state before i stopped picking it a year ago yet in light i can see like tiny small holes probably due to my past picking, is there anyway to close them and make my skin look unclogged ?


3rd issue its about my nose, it seems my nose has plenty of blackheads under the skin and for some reason my nose is the part of my face that gets oily the most, i mean during the day it would start shining, any way to fix it ?


Sorry for such a big thread but its just that i created an account like an hour ago and started writting all my acne problems here thank you for reading

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Okay I may have a few suggestions but unfortunately I don't want to say anything until I can actually see your problems. Because in my head I think it's soooooooo amplified and t probably isn't as bad as I'm imagining it. Is it possible to post images or perhaps email me them????

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