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One mistake I made for a couple of years (I'm 24 now) was that I let acne run my life.. I've always only had very mild acne, but like they say, YOU are your worst critic, so anytime I'd had a "bad" breakout, I wouldn't go out with friends and I'd avoid social situations, etc.

a word of advice to someone who seems younger then I am, don't do that to yourself. Go to your classes, meet new people.. To be honest, 95% of people really don't see your acne being as bad as you see it, they have their own problems and really could care less. I'm not being insensitive, I'm just letting you know what I've learned... if you feel like your acne is bad enough to do online-schooling, I think you should take the time to see a dermotologist or try out the Acne.org Regimen (it's what worked for me). 

But while you're doing this, tell yourself that other people have it a lot worse, and I'm not talking about acne. Most people don't care enough to see how many active pimples you may or may not have today at school, etc. trust me.

but again, if you feel that down about your acne, ask your parent(s) to bring you to a derm, or try something that's known to work for many many people like the acne.org Regimen. Don't miss out on school because of it.. It may sound funny but being mid 20's, I think back and high school/junior high, was some of the best years of my life and my skin was far from perfect a lot of the time. Don't take those experiences away from yourself. Instead, go to school, laugh at anyone who decides to make fun because trust me, they have their own problems in life that they don't want to deal with, which is why they choose to deal with yours. And while doing so, see a derm and/or start a regimen/routine to try and combat your acne. 

if you wanted to get into specifics of what type of acne you're talking about and what you may have already tried, I can try helping a bit more, but that's my advice to you as someone who's older and took the easy way out of situations for a long time due to my acne, and still regret it to this day. 

All the best to you !!

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