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How do I treat my red marks left from acne


I have suffered from acne like since 12/13 years, I'm 15 now, and I still suffer but I'm currently on a birth control pill named Diane-35, and I'm almost in 4 months, because my dermatologist said my acne was hormonal, but I'm not 100% shore of that!

well, although I my acne is a lot lot better, I just have one or two cystic pimples, on my forehead and some normal pimples on the sides of my fave, my main problem is on my chin, I still get some few pimples there, but the worst is that all the pimples I had there left red marks, and now I have a red chin, that not even make up can cover it up, because it is mixed with pimples there! 

Can someone please tell me what to do as for my chin? And as for my other red marks on my cheecks left form previous acne! 

I have these red marks, the chin ones, probably like from 1 and half month or so..., and the cheeks one form like 2 months or so...

please someone help me, this really affects my confidence!!

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go c a derm first and for that red marks i have red marks for like 8-9 months now ,, unless they are scars like depression or indentations u r good to go and dont worry ..... give it time ... 

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Giving them time to fade might be a good idea but if you've had them for more than 2 months and they don't seem to be fading you need to find something to help with them. I'm sorry but having red marks for 8-9 months is simply unacceptable, if you have red marks still on your face after 8-9 months something is clearly wrong. I'm sure indented scars are a different story but if they last that long on your face and you have a lot of them like I do, they are just as bad as pitted scars, therefore you should worry about them because it sucks. If they don't seem to be fading you should definitely try and find something to help. I think what you have is post inflammatory erythema, but without a picture I can't be so sure. If they are red and flat and temporarily disappear when you push down on them that's probably what it is. There is not enough information on this website about treating these kinds of marks, I've done a TON of research on post inflammatory erythema because my marks have been around for at least 5+ months and they are really bothering me. I've been using snail cream and argan oil for them but I have not used them long enough to come to the conclusion of whether they work or not. I have found very little evidence of anything working except expensive procedures like lasers. I'm sorry I can't be of anymore help, but it's not my fault there's not enough information regarding this issue. 

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