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Extremely dry skin with acne and colorless bumps


my skin has always been a combination of oily and dry skin. Most combination skins have an oily T-zone while the rest of their skin remains dry. my T-zone however oily, does get really flaky most of the time. So when i touch my nose or my shiny forehead or chin it will be very greasy but it would also be flaky.

I used to develop acne mostly on my nose or mouth area so i tried to fix my diet and took care of my digestion and the acne problems used to go away. But since last year I've begun to use makeup (good quality make-up) and my skin is breaking out in all sorts of places. just 4 days after my wedding i grew two huge pimples on my cheek. Since then i have been very careful to thoroughly remove make-up from my face before sleeping every night and haven't developed huge bumps. 

My skin used to be super smooth enough to appear to be glowing but since the past few years my skin consistently always has small tiny colorless bumps one time or the other, on cheeks or forehead (see pictures) and on chin. Sometimes acne grows (see picture of chin) and stops midway and the bump just stays there. Also previous acne scars take months before they disappear. It has become a huge problem since I live ina country with very dry climate. and my skin is CONSTANTLY dry. so i Have to use moisturizers. but the very day I use the moisturizer i start feeling acne pains on the sides of my noseand on chin etc.

I do exfoliate plenty and I also moisturize. but There's no routine I can do which can prevent acne as well as get rid of my dry skin. Plus these millions of colorless bumps won't go away no matter how much i moisturize or not touch at all.

Any help would be really appreciated.

P.S: Also i think it would be appropriate to mention that I never had any acne problem on the far sides of my cheeks until I started Hot Waxing for facial hair removal. and now I have bumps that won't go for months on end.


Photo Jan 04, 2 37 28 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 37 41 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 38 40 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 39 03 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 39 37 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 39 54 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 39 59 PM.jpg

Photo Jan 04, 2 40 08 PM.jpg

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