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Isolaz along with topical treatment

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I just wanted to share my experience of isolaz and topical treatment. First of all, a little background of myself.  I have suffered from ance for about 10 years of my life. I am now 23 years old and i am just sick of it. Through my 10 years, i have broken severely twice because of using unsuitable makeup and also not removing it properly. As i had really sensitive and dry skin, i decided to use really mild cleansers to clean off my makeup. I used to have avene gentle milk cleanser to take off my makeup. This was certainly not good enough but i was clearly oblivious. If any of you are looking for a makeup remover for dry and sensitive skin, i will recommend you estee lauder makeup remover lotion. It really works great. 

Back to the topic of isolaz, i have gone for two sessions spread two weeks apart between them. First off, the isolaz really managed to speed up the process of clearing up the ance. On my first session isolaz, i did not really see much of difference but i certainly felt that my pores were cleaner and then it also made alot the bumps on under my skin appear to the surface as papules. I was honestly depressed just seeing my skin go through this clearing process. Anyway, i had a topical treatment along with the isolaz. I was using differin 0.1% in the morning and tretinoin 0.05% ( whole face at night) plus stevia a 0.1% on the bumpy areas only (at night). Of course, i had a moisturiser with it as well. If you guys don't already know, the creams will cause a purging process for your ance and it really did happen. 

After two weeks of purging, i was due for my second isolaz session. This time i was literally walking into the treatment room with 12 papules on my chin. Feeling down but i just hung in there. After the isolaz, the 12 papules just went down. The yellow pus was just gone. They became red marks. However, that night, i had more papules coming up. These were a lot smaller. All at the chin as well. I suppose this was part of the clearing process because i could feel the bumps previously. Now they are just simply surfacing up. Today is day 2 from my second isolaz session and i can see tremendous improvement from where i started before any isolaz sessions. Two weeks from now, i will be going for my 3rd isolaz session. I am definitely confident that my ance is going to clear up really soon. I will update you guys soon! In the meanwhile, for all you people still contemplating about isolaz, i definitely recommend to go for it! Even if you on the regimen, you should still go for the isolaz treatment if you want to clear up faster. Of course, you got to make sure that your skin isn't peeling nor feeling dry if you want to go for the isolaz cause it will make it drier if you do. 

Isolaz will speed up the process of clearing but it isn't good enough on it's own, you definitely still need your topical treatment. In fact, your topical treatment is the most important. However, it will certainly take a longer time to clear up your ance. I know it feels to have bumps seen even after you have makeup on. That feeling is just horrible. I just hope my experience with isolaz can help another person out there. 



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I have  since gone for my 3rd, 4th and 5th isolaz treatment. At first, i really wasn't seeing much of improvement. Then all of a sudden at my 5th isolaz, i had a significant reduction in acne. It was amazing. The redness also went down by quite a bit. But of course, since i am also under topical medication. Right now, i am absolutely certain that the isolaz treatment is working. In fact, my dermatologist said that my acne is sure to clear in 3 weeks time. I have already gone through 1 entire month of my acne purging on my skin, i definitely can get through 3 weeks. 

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