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I feel like popping is the only solution



I am a 17 years old teen, who is suffering with cystic acne for 2 years already. My  skin condition has improved once I moved from hot and moist Malaysia to  cold and dry Kazakhstan, but still I have those 'bad weeks' when cysts attack me again. 

I feel hopeless when I get those that doesn't come to head, but I feel like no matter what popping seems to be the only solution for me. No matter how long I let them  heal, they would still stay under my skin. I have one that is under my skin for more than a year already, it is not that visible but it is still there and I can feel it. 

I know that what I am doing is wrong and I shouldn't pop it but I mean you all understand me and probably know how it feels. I am currently using benzoyl peroxide gel (5%), simple healing moisturizer, aloe vera based mild scrub in the morning and simple face wash gel at night. I also cut down tons of ingredients in my diet like: sugar, dairy, caffeine (i only drink green tea), oily and junk food, and food additives (ketchup, mayonesse, mustard and etc.)

I would be glad to know if anyone would advice me any handful tips for treating cysts (except cartisone injections and stuff like that) and remedies that would help to stimulate the cyst to come to the head.


Thank You in Advance and Have a Nice Day! :rolleyes:

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