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Epiduo - Anything stronger?


my dermatologist told me to use epiduo for my acne. Its not a severe case, but I always have 2 or 3 zits on each cheek and sometimes on my chin or nose. They're usually those big red lumps that you can't pop out, and when i tried it, it would get infected because they're deep.

I've used plenty of products in the past like clearasil, and I've been on epiduo for 5 months now. I only noticed my face getting clearer on this last month and my face didnt react at all to the product (maybe because im used to b.peroxyde).

I didn't get any initial breakout, no dry skin, and no redness.

This year im beginning a serious routine to treat my acne. Ill eat mostly vegetables during the week, and I'll cut all the unnecessary fat I might be eating right now. Ill also wash my pillowcases everyday and try to change the sheets every 2/3 days.

I also wanted to know if is there anything stornger than Epiduo, since im not getting any reaction at all. Im not interested in accutane or anything like that. Thanks :)

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Yes, the retinoid in Epiduo is adapalene, also know as 'Differin'.

Adapalene (Differin) is considered the weakest retinoid so if your skin is stubborn it may be a little nonreactive to it.

Keep in mind you don't have to experience peeling and irritation for it to work, but after 5 months there is no improvement, I would be wondering.

The next strongest is usually considered to be Retin A Micro (because of its' slower release), then Retin A, and then Tazorac.

I have read posts on people reacting to one retinoid tons better over another so I think you should see your doc/derm for something stronger.

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